commission info

i try not to be overly bureaucratic with commissions, but even a simple ToS does a lot to protect the interests of both artist and commissioner, so here you go.

first and foremost, i only accept comms from people 18 or older. this should go without saying but best to say it out loud just in case.

pricing is pretty simple, it's $25 USD for an flat color drawing and $35 USD for a shaded one. flat color is simple enough that i don't offer an uncolored option - you could certainly ask for one, but no discount would apply.

my preferred means of communicating with clients is via discord (@inoreppep, or just join my server teehee) but i'm also willing to work via notes on deviantart or furaffinity. even if i'm not able to work with you right then and there, i'll get back to you whenever i can.

as for what i'm willing to draw, obviously i specialize in fat characters (particularly pokemon and other weird creatures) but feel free to ask if you have something else in mind. for now i'm only offering single-character drawings, though. and of course there's the standard blacklist of no underage characters, no blood or poop, you can probably figure most of the rest out... i'd also rather not draw sex or genitalia.

if i accept your prompt i'll draw up a sketch and show a preview. you can either ask for changes to be made or accept it to be made into a full drawing. once you accept a sketch i'll ask for payment - right now the options are paypal and cashapp, but i'm on the lookout for better ways to accept payment. in any case, once you pay i'll finish the drawing as promptly as i can. i don't allow refunds (unless i can't finish the drawing for whatever reason) but if there are any details in the final drawing you're unsatisfied with, i'll work with you to fix them.

that's basically the entire process, actually.

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